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The Gari and Beans Magic (Gobe)

The Gari and Beans Magic (Gobe)


Beans with Gari and Fried Plantain (a.k.a Red Red) is among the best known Ghanaian
dishes not only because it is nutritious, but because it is easy to prepare plus it takes a longer
period to digest and sustains one from hunger for quite a long time. Its ingredients are readily available
and very cheap to buy.

Red Red is also called the student companion, It has been the delicacy of most Ghanaian Students over the years. The popular schools
in Ghana, like the Kwame Nkrumah University of Sc. and Tech (KNUST), Kumasi, University of Cape Coast(UCC) as well as the
University of Ghana(UG), Legon Accra, have special names for Red Red. In UG it is called “ABLAJO”
and “GOBE” in KNUST And UCC.

Red Red is very easy to prepare, defferent people have defferent ways of getting it cooked.
but in which ever way you may optain the same resulsts. i love it and this is how my mums does it

Dried Beans
Red palm Oil

Photo Credit Wabi Sabi


Wash and soak dried beans in water for at least 2 hours.

Boil the soaked beans in adiquate amount of water till it is very soft or as desired.
The time it takes depends on how well the beans was soaked in the water but it usually takes up to 2hours

Add salt to the cooked beans as desired and heat for just a few munites.

Chop one large onion into pecies.

Pour 200ml of palm oil into a suspand

Add the choped onion to the palm oil and heat it till the onions are almost burnt,
(so as to have some flavour).


Take off the peals of the plantain and slice them as desired

Make a 100ml water and salt solution

Rinse the sliced plantain in the salt solution.

Pour about 250ml of palm oil into a frying pan and heat it up.

Fry the Plantain in the red oil.

Now our delicious meal is ready! It is best eating when worm. This is how to dish it,

Spread Gari on top of your dished beans and add four to six tablespoon
full of the onion flavoured palm oil.

Add your fried plantain and you have an APETIZING RED RED!

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