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Rent Control operations to be digitized – Veep announces

Rent Control operations to be digitized – Veep announces


He narrates below;

This morning, I visited the Rent Control Department to observe their operations and understand their challenges. I was accompanied by the Minister for Works and Housing Hon. Atta Akyea and his deputy Hon. Mrs Barbara Ayisi.

I announced the decision of the government to digitize the operations of the Rent Control Department.

With digitization, landlords and tenants will have an option to register as well as submit their tenancy agreements electronically. This will reduce the queues at the office and enhance efficiency. Each property will be uniquely identified by the digital property address. From next year all complaints by tenants or landlords can be filed online.

I also noted that on rent advance government will be introducing a new programme to bridge the information and financial gap between tenants and landlords. The programme will enhance the creditworthiness of tenants and therefore reduce the need for large rent advance requests by landlords. The government will also be focusing, going forward, on increasing the stock of low-income social housing for rent.

Cabinet has also received and is working on a new Rent Control Bill to replace the existing Rent Control Act (Act 220), passed in 1963. This will enhance the enforcement powers of the rent control board amongst others.

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