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Plant a tree to help Ghana become more environmentally friendly

Plant a tree to help Ghana become more environmentally friendly


Thinking of an environment without Trees is impossible, so considering the tree seedlings transplanting for landscaping, land reclamation of forestry is essential.

.Planting trees helps to reduce ozone levels and, more importantly, trees absorb carbon, removing greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide from the air, keeping the earth cool. Plants produce oxygen using water, light, and carbon dioxide in the process of photosynthesis, and this fuel is used as food by animals.

Trees save energy, and planting three trees strategically around a single-family home can reduce air conditioning needs by up to 50% in the summer. We reduce pollution and carbon dioxide emissions from power plants by lowering the energy demand for cooling houses.

 Trees are required as they supply us with enough oxygen, without which we cannot survive. In fact, right from the food we eat that helps us in living to the medicine that is given to cure diseases, we need trees. This also includes the dress we wear to the furniture that is used in the home or offices for comfort and also the vehicles and cars that helps running our life smooth. Considering all these valuable benefits of trees, considering tree plantation cannot be ignored.

Planting trees as per the necessity and need of the environment is known as tree plantation.  This helps in keeping balance with the environment and so at least 25% of each country must have wood area.  In fact, many countries do not have the required wood area and this is not desirable. Thus, realizing the necessity and the actual need, it is mandatory that everyone is aware of the importance of tree plantation. 

Green Ghana Day is celebrated on June 11th. The government of Ghana’s tree plantation initiative aims to plant five million trees throughout the country. We should promise to plant at least one tree as a contribution to the environment that is always giving you something or the other in one form or the other. Planting trees near our houses in the open spaces or even by the roadsides or the fields is suggested. However, to ascertain a healthy environment, the foremost action to be taken is to stop deforestation, besides they should permit tree plantation as it maintains balance in the environment and ensures we live better. Thus there is a strong need for everyone to come forward and to consider tree plantation that is best for all.

Trees contribute by providing oxygen, conserving water, improving air quality, climate amelioration, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife. In this photosynthesis process, trees take carbon dioxide in and produce the oxygen that we breathe. Few simple ways that can help saving trees include:

  • Using paper wisely, thus save trees from getting cut down for paper making.
  • Share, borrow and donate books, so that you need not go for new
  • visit the forest to know the value and importance of trees
  • Play and also learn new ideas to create with trash, thus save environment
  • Plantation of trees is a must.
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