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Metro Mass security coordinator sentenced to ten years in prison for extortion and illegal entry

Metro Mass security coordinator sentenced to ten years in prison for extortion and illegal entry


A Metro Mass Transit Company Limited security coordinator was sentenced to ten years in jail for extortion and unauthorised entrance.
Lawal Fuseina was convicted and punished by an Accra Circuit Court after being found guilty of unauthorized entrance and extortion.
The prisoner is claimed to have put a hidden camera in the office of the MMT’s Managing Director, Bennet Aboagye, and used the footage to demand $1 million in cash.

However, he was successful in receiving GH40,000 from Mr Aboagye. According to the court, which was presided over by Adelaide Abui Keddy, the penalty should serve as a deterrence to others. The police are looking for another individual, identified as Bawa, who is claimed to have collaborated with the criminal.

Prosecuting, DSP E. Nyamekye informed the court that on March 15, 2018, Lawal requested a meeting with the complainant, Mr Aboagye, and his personal assistant, stating a security breach in the firm as the topic.

He informed the court that the complainant would be unable to attend the appointment and requested that his personal assistant meet with Lawal.

According to the prosecution, Lawal notified the complainant’s personal assistant during the meeting that he had received a phone call from Bawa and his gang, who sought to meet with him.

He said that Lawal reportedly proceeded to see Bawa and his purported crew, who indicated that they had a devastating audio recording of the complainant’s discussion incriminating him in multiple fraudulent dealings and were asking US$1 million from him to erase the audio recordings.

According to the prosecutor, Bawa threatened to give the audio recording to the print and the electronic media for publication if the complainant failed to meet their demand.

The prosecutor told the court that, later, when the complainant and his personal assistant made it to a meeting at the behest of Lawal, he handed over to him a transcript of the said audio recordings and reiterated his demand on behalf of Bawa.

The prosecutor said, the complainant realised that, it was an obvious ploy by Lawal to blackmail and extort money from him and decided to play along.

He stated that Mr Aboagye called a witness who he deemed to be an expert in security concerns in the case.

The witness brought Mr Aboagye and Lawal to his office and reduced Lawal’s demand for US$1 million to GH20,000 in return for the allegedly damaging audio recording.

He stated that Lawal declined the offer but eventually agreed to GH40,000.

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