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Methodist Church Ghana commissions 68 ministers

Methodist Church Ghana commissions 68 ministers


Sixty-eighty (68) Ministers have been commissioned into the Methodist Church Ghana. To adhere to social distancing protocols, these 68 candidates were divided and commissioned at six(6) different societies across the connexion namely Thomas Clegg Society – Kaneshie and Resurrection society – Adenta, Greater Accra Region; Wesley Chapel – Cape Coast, Central Region; Bethel society – Takoradi, Western Region; and in Kumasi, at the Ebenezer society at Bantama and Calvary society, Amakom.

The 11 candidates at Thomas Clegg Methodist Society were warmly seated with their spouses and as part of the commissioning sacraments, the President of the Trinity Theological Seminary- the Very Rev Prof Asamoah Gyadu said a word of prayer to begin the service. This was followed by the mentioning of candidates names by the General Director of Ministries- Very Rev Dr John Abedu Quashie. The Presiding Bishop then examined them, as they took some vows, followed by the fitting of clerical, receiving of the Holy Bible and signing of register.

They were all given a Holy Bible to preach the good news to humanity. They individually pledged to dedicate themselves to the gospel, be diligent in prayer, never to be ashamed in rightly handling the word of truth (Holy Bible), and to forever honour Jesus Christ as “the Head of the body, the Church and a preeminent in everything”.

As we are not in normal times, the Right Hand of Fellowship was prohibited in the ceremony whilst the candidates who are now Methodist Deacons, took the Holy Communion with their spouses.

Delivering the sermon for the day, the Most Rev Dr Paul Kwabena Boafo taking inspiration from 2Timothy 2:15 mentioned that, “these new Methodist Deacons are required to study the bible diligently, required to show humility, and they are required to be shepherds.”

“The Ministry is now under strict scrutiny for people who use these ungodly places to look for powers. The Methodist Church will not hesitate to pull your collar or drive you out if you are found seeking help somewhere to promote your ministry because that is not of the Church,” he cautioned.

He also told the newly commissioned Ministers that, “Since the church is alive, its purpose has not changed. You need to ask yourselves why you have been called. Remember that you did not call yourselves but God did; and your work does not end with this commissioning. You have a current and future role to play as a shepherd”

At the Thomas Clegg Methodist Society, and all other six(6) venues for the commissioning Service, the congregation and ministers adhered to strict COVID-19 safety protocols by taking their temperature, filling a form that require them to provide their contact details, and washing their hands before entering the chapel.

All the 68 candidates have completed a three (3) year study at the Trinity Theological Seminary, and are beginning their three(3)-year probation period. The Presiding Bishop, Most Rev. Dr Boafo entreated the Church to warmly welcome the Ministers and readily support them in their duties towards building the Church.

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