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Lazarus Chakwera sworn in as Malawi president

Lazarus Chakwera sworn in as Malawi president


Malawi’s opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera was sworn in Sunday as the southern African country’s new president after winning the re-run of a hotly disputed election.

“Time has come for us to wake up and to make our dreams come true,” Mr Chakwera said in his victory speech.

However, Mr Chakwera defeated incumbent Peter Mutharika with 58.57% of the vote in Tuesday’s poll.

Subsequently, in February, Malawi’s constitutional court annulled Mr Mutharika’s victory in the May 2019 election, citing vote tampering.

Malawi is only the second African country south of the Sahara to have presidential poll results overturned in court, after Kenya in 2017.

And it is the first time in the region that a vote re-run has led to the defeat of an incumbent leader.

Mr Chakwera, a Pentecostal preacher and former theology lecturer, will first have to heal a nation that has been through many months of political turmoil.

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