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Is it true that waist beads are exclusive to slim women?

Is it true that waist beads are exclusive to slim women?



In Ghana, for example, being curvaceous is considered desirable. Woe is the lady who lacks ample breasts, hips, or a rear, and happy is she who possesses a mix of these desirable endowments. For she will be showered with adoration and admiration from both men and women. Having said that, as a small child growing up, I saw numerous women embellishing their waists with waist beads. Size was never a consideration in selecting who got to wear them. Waist beads might be worn by any female, from toddlers to the elderly.


Weight Control

In the lack of bathroom scales, my forefathers must have devised an innovative method of weight control. A tighter fit suggested that the user had acquired weight, whilst a looser fit showed that weight had been lost. Because waist beads were often worn for an extended period of time, the wearer’s objective was to keep the initial fit of the waist beads. Keep in mind that these waist beads are both wet and fade resistant. The person may wash and sleep in it without having to remove it.

Adornment of the Body

A dear male friend of mine (one of the males I questioned) informed me with a sparkle in his eye about his fondness for waist beads on a female’s physique. I enthusiastically listened to him speak. “A voluptuous lady decorated in waistbeads has an astonishing, thrilling, and sexual feeling about her”‚Ķ Yes, he used the word “voluptuous”:). “Such a woman may ask me anything and I will say yes.” Okay, African Delilah, your task with my African Samson will be simple. There are no difficulties. Wear a few of waist beads and you’ll be able to get everything you want from him!

Passage Rituals

Dipo, an initiation ritual among the Krobos, is celebrated by pre-teens and teenagers as a sign of their move to maturity. The Krobos are well-known for their high-quality, genuine African beads. It’s no surprise that they have their own beads! They also tend to appreciate beads in both tangible and intangible ways.

Wearing Waist Beads

It is advised that waist beads be worn precisely below your stomach for maximum comfort. The fit should be a little loose. They are traditionally worn beneath one’s garments. Regardless, a woman is allowed to wear them in whatever way she sees suitable. As I previously indicated, they may be worn by any lady of any size.

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