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IGP educates citizens on personal security ahead of Christmas season.


The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mr James Oppong Boanuh has admonished citizens not to take their personal security for granted during this Christmas season.

He said: “It is important to note that personal security is a fundamental responsibility of every individual.”

To this end, he has asked all to be alert and conscious of happenings in their environment and neighbourhood.

Mr Oppong Boanuh gave these 10 tips when he spoke in Accra at the climax of a six-month-long safety and security campaign by the Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL) in Accra.

  • Theft and burglary tend to rise during holidays. The best thing to do is to make sure you secure everything you can. Mark belongings with indelible marks, lock up homes, cars and trucks.
  • If you travel, get someone to check on your home. You can ask a friend or neighbour to check on your house every now and then and give you an update.
  • Beware of goods sold at prices cheaper than reasonable market rates.
  • Avoid late-night outings if you can.
  • Be careful about what you share. Don’t reveal sensitive personal information, eg home address, financial information, phone number, and the fact that you have travelled, etc.
  • Leave outside lights on at night (or set them with a timer to switch on at night) when you leave during the day. When not at home, leave on some lights inside to appear someone is at home. Thieves usually don’t approach homes that appear occupied.
  • When you detect a fault in your door locks, alarm systems or smoke detectors, repair them immediately. Check your security devices (CCTV) regularly to be sure they are working properly.
  • Check your door locks and windows anytime you return from outside.
  • Good blinds or curtains may prevent robbers from looking inside your home and being tempted by all valuables they see. Install blinds or curtains that completely block the view from outside, and make sure you close them when you go out. That way, you will keep wandering eyes from scanning your valuables and reduce your risk of break-ins.
  • Avoid sharing or posting live pictures or videos particularly on social media. The more you post, the easier it is to have your identity stolen.

Mr Oppong Boanuh also urged individuals to have the Police toll-free numbers: 191 and 18555 on hand to reach them during emergencies.

He also gave out numbers to reach the Complaint Desk: 0550323323 and 0275000156 (Voice calls and Short Messages Service (SMS).

The Complaint Desk could also be reached via Whatsapp on 0206639121.

Mr Oppong Boanuh, however, assured both Ghanaians and foreign nationals in the country of a safe and secure environment during this Yuletide.

“I wish to assure Ghanaians and all foreign nationals in Ghana that the Police are committed to ensuring that you celebrate the Yuletide without any major security drawbacks,” he assured.


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