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Global handwashing day- Hand Hygiene for All

Global handwashing day- Hand Hygiene for All


Hand washing is clearly a very important habit. The simple procedure of soaping and rinsing your hands can keep you away from many common and serious illnesses and diseases. The risks of contracting flu, colds and various other diseases like diarrhoea and eye infections can be conveniently avoided. Being sick is something we do not want to go through ourselves. It is even more so for people who are very young and old because their immune systems are very frail. Because handwashing is an effective preventative measure against sickness, it will be worth having a handwashing station for this group of people.

People young and old are predisposed to acquiring diseases and illnesses with their underdeveloped and failing immune systems, respectively. For young children, hand washing can immensely help in keeping away germs off their hands. Little kids love to pick things up from the ground. They can grab stones, leaves, worms and toys. Since they are not that keen on hygiene, they can then later put their hands on their mouth as they thumb suck or nail bite. With the aid of a handwashing station, the children can learn to wash their hands clean after they did some playtime outside, after using the restroom and before and after taking their snacks. Because little kids often are very observant of what were taught to them, they can even coax another to wash his or her hands whenever he or she sneezes or coughs. Such will help these kids from acquiring infections that can strike and hurt their little bodies.

As for the elderly, convenience is a major thing for them because their failing eyesight or slow gait can prevent them from accessing the handwashing sinks that are often located within the bathroom or in the kitchen. With a portable hand washing station that can be placed within their room, your elder folks need not go far in order to wash their hands prior and after eating. You can just imagine the huge relief and convenience it will provide them to not travel into the bathroom in order for them to access the sink. Not only can they use the handwashing unit for sanitizing their hands, but they can also even utilize it for washing their face and even brushing their teeth. It also means less risk on their part not having to step into the often slippery bathroom tile floors. Using these convenient hand washing devices, illnesses often spread through hand contact will now be the least of worries not only for these elder groups but for the younger ones as well.

Observing Global Handwashing Day has never been more important than during a pandemic that could be stemmed, in part, by everyone taking hand hygiene seriously. Keeping our hands clean is one of the most important habits we can adopt to prevent contracting Covid-19 and spreading the coronavirus that causes the disease to others. Without washing properly and killing off the coronavirus and other viruses, bacteria and germs we pick up from raw meats, faecal matter and respiratory droplets. It can spread between people and cause disease.

Global Handwashing Day is annually marked on October 15. The day, as the name suggests, is for creating more awareness about the importance of washing hands with soap and water. The day also aims to sensitise people about how handwashing is also an effective way to prevent diseases.

The theme of Global Handwashing Day 2020 is ‘Hand Hygiene for All’. The theme is primarily to urge people across society to achieve universal hand hygiene.

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