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First Deputy Speaker calls for guided democracy

First Deputy Speaker calls for guided democracy


The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Mr Joseph Osei Owusu has stated that committees in Parliament need to be rejuvenated in order for them to be more effective.

Speaking on the theme: “The Committee System in Ghana’s Parliament: an Assessment” at an interactive meeting between the extended leadership of Parliament and the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Mr Osei Owusu mentioned that generally and regrettably Ghana’s democracy is not guided, neither by the constitutional arrangement or politically.

He further stated that Ghana’s system and values are different and do not necessarily conform to the theories of Parliamentary democracy adding that; the views expressed by Civil Society groups and other intellectuals are far different from the views and expectations of the electorate on whom the political fortunes of the Member of Parliament lie.

“Let’s look at it again, a good MP is not someone who does his work well in the House and indeed the last primaries show clearly that those who were truly committed to the work in parliament mostly lost their seats because that is not what interests the populace”. He said.

The First Deputy Speaker urged that citizens take a second look at the selection process for Members of Parliament whole finding effective ways of managing the expectations of the voting public.

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