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EC to register 18year-old old students in schools

EC to register 18year-old old students in schools


The arrangement for the Electoral Commission (EC) to register students on their various campuses is to avoid having them go home to register, with its attendant inconveniences.

The EC facilitates their registration on campuses so they would not be disenfranchised, with an opportunity to transfer their votes later, Mr Kwasi Obeng-Fosu, the Deputy Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Education has said.

“With the claim that all along this was why students were called to the school, is unfounded because these students could have registered at home, ” he said.

According to him, had EC not made arrangements, the government would have been blamed for insensitively disenfranchising these students.

“MoE decided students should not be made to go home and register, putting them in harm’s way by getting them to travel around the country on public transport or other means at extra cost to their parents, hence their registration being facilitated by the EC on campuses.

“With these arrangements, EC is to ensure that their staff observe the enhanced protocols laid down by the government in various schools.

Staff and management of schools will also take advantage and register whilst the school support this excercise to it’s successful end as they have supported with all directives.

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