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Don’t Spread Corona Virus With New Voter Register -PPP

Press Release 11th March, 2020

Don’t Spread Corona Virus With New Voter Register -PPP


The Youth Wing of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) remains deeply concerned about the unknowns surrounding the trajectory of the coronavirus epidemic, and the spoiling for a fight attitude of the Electoral Commission, to go ahead with the compilation of the new register.

It is our considered opinion that the Electoral Commission should rather think about all the numerous rational factors espoused by many stakeholders, including using the National Identification database to compile the register after 2020 and abort the needless exercise to re-register every single voter, as a measure to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

We are sure in our minds that this failed but costly mass re-registration has the potential to spread the deadly and contagious corona virus.

It is public knowledge that the deadly corona virus spreads easily through contacts with infected persons in places of mass gathering, infected surfaces and objects or devices. We wish to emphasize that all these risk factors will be immensely available for the spread of the virus during the mass registration. Besides, the registration will attract many Ghanaians and election observers living everywhere to Ghana.

The queues at the registration centres, the mass gathering, the biometric fingerprint capturing devices, the biometric iris capturing devices, the facial recognition capturing devices are all risky elements or conveyor belts for the spread of the virus, among the estimated 16million potential voter population, with the speed of an Australian wild fire.

We are not surprised the president has issued a foreign travel ban, the Ghana Health Service is on high alert, whiles our neighbours have also recorded confirmed cases of the virus. This is a reflection of how we are predisposed to this Coronavirus, which has killed more than 2,800 people and infected over 83,000 worldwide.

We cannot compound our problems with the spread through this needless mass re-registration.
The 2020 elections can be conducted peacefully in a free and fair manner without putting the country at the risk of a total lockdown, collapse of businesses, a strain on our already fragile health service and avoidable deaths. Already the EC’s attempt to re-register everyone has been proven to be without any sound basis and it is a waste of the tax payer’s money.

The EC should abort this needless mass re-registration exercise in the national interest to protect lives and save scarce resources.

Divine Nkrumah
National Youth Coordinator

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