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Deloris Frimpong Manso is 38 years today

Deloris Frimpong Manso is 38 years today


On her 38th birthday, the brain behind the Delay TalkShow and other Delay brands marks the day with the expressive note below to herself.

Wait, she has a ring on her finger and mentions “LLLJ” as a lover of her life in her writeup, what could we be missing?

Kindly read below;

“Dear Self,

You’ve seen too much pain, hurt, loss, grief, disappointment, heartbreak, and betrayal.

You are a woman who has been overstretched, doors were closed in your faced, the odds were truly against you.

Deep within, you’ve also always known that you’re a force. You’ve held on to your self-worth regardless of other people’s myopic definition of your value.

You’ve put up a good fight and the results are beginning to show.

Today, as you celebrate your 38th BIRTHDAY, arise above and beyond any bitterness and past failures!

You are ready to step into your next dimension with God who is and has always been by your side.

Smile Description: 😃on, your friends and family love you and the love of your life, L L L J is here with you on your special day Description: ❤️Description: ❤️Description: ❤️Description: ❤️Description: ❤️With love,




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