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Covid-19 survival story -Nana Tima


Covid-19 survival story -Nana Tima


Please, I can’t scream this enough, COVI9-19 IS REAL. The symptoms are unique to each individual. There is quite a large percentage of people who have caught the virus but are completely asymptomatic. Indeed I’m told some will contract the virus and heal without even knowing they had it. I never had a fever and difficulty breathing, but I lost my sense of smell and taste (which was major because since I was born, ‘m’annum into da!). I had severe headaches, diarrhoea and nausea. Nothing was staying in my stomach, not even water. The cough I had wasn’t dry, it was productive. The worst symptom for me was the general feeling of malaise. I felt there was something wrong but I couldn’t pin it. I was restless. ‘Na me ho yera me’. It really isn’t a good feeling.

This virus is highly infectious and quite easy to catch. Everybody reacts differently to it so you could have a younger person with no underlying health conditions die and an older person with multiple underlying health conditions recover perfectly. With this, one can not be too careful. We try to observe the safety protocols when we’re in the midst of ‘strangers’ but we let our guard down when we’re around our friends. We have numbers to back the fact that the virus is spreading very fast in workplaces, probably because we assume our colleagues do not have it so we relax on the protocols. We act anyhow in our daily activities and at social gatherings but ask for schools and voters registration centres to be closed as if these are the designated spreading points of the virus.That is where we’re wrong.

This virus has proven to be no respecter of persons or places.To be safe, live as if everyone you meet or every surface you touch has it. Keep your distance, wear your mask, wash your hands, sanitize, equally importantly eat well, exercise and build your immune system.I would like to thank the medical officers who very dutifully helped in my recovery; Dr Oheneba Owusu-Danso, Dr Patrina Takyi- Ankrah, Dr Esther Dankwah, Dr Specialmandy Praise, my true sister whose daily check-ins helped identify symptoms before they could get out of hand.My dear husband, Katakyie Kofi Kusi-Yeboah, I truly don’t know what I would do without you. Thank you for being there, making sure I’m taking my drugs, making sure I’m inhaling enough neem steam to ‘exorcise’ the COVID-19 out of me, walking a distance behind me so I don’t feel lonely on my evening strolls. You are a special breed. God bless you for me. The list of friends and acquaintances who checked in on me when they learnt my boss had caught the virus is indeed very long. As you remembered me, may God Himself remember you.Words won’t do justice to the emotional roller coaster that dealing with this virus comes with.I wept many times.

In my case, it was easier because my boss and some colleagues had it so we openly discussed our symptoms and recovery process. We even dared laugh through the pain sometimes. Even then, there were some colleagues who denied they had contracted it, although we know their tests came back positive. I shudder to think of how those who hide their status, due to the stigma deal with this. The night I found out Sir John had died was a long one indeed for me. I didn’t blink all night. I was grateful to God for preserving my life but then again I was overwhelmed with sorrow in equal measure. In short, I am no better than those who have died from this virus. I wept all night. “My name is Nana Tima, wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece and friend, I caught COVID-19 and by the grace of God, I have recovered. I REFUSE TO BE STIGMATISED. I WILL SPEAK ABOUT THIS VIRUS!.”


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