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Coronavirus: Ill baby girl tests positive for Covid-19

A six-month-old baby is being treated in hospital for coronavirus, her parents have said.


Coronavirus: Ill baby girl tests positive for Covid-19


Erin Bates, of Bury, Greater Manchester, was already in Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool with a heart condition and windpipe problems.

Her mother Emma Bates, 29, said she was “heartbroken” after Erin tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday.

Her husband Wayne said Erin’s condition was stable but he was upset people were not taking the virus “seriously”.

The family have released a photo of Erin in hospital to encourage people to follow the government’s social distancing rules.

Mr Bates, 32, who is self-isolating at home while his wife is with Erin, said: “People are still not taking this outbreak seriously and that upsets me.

“I take it personally.”

He added: “Erin is stable but with most viruses we are waiting to see if it has peaked yet, things can change quickly.

“The hospital staff has been amazing. People need to stay home and keep safe.”

Mrs Bates is worried she might be separated from Erin if she catches Covid-19 herself.

She said: “If I show any symptoms I will then be taken to another hospital and Erin will be here alone.

“This alone breaks my heart that if things get worse our baby girl maybe on her own when she needs her mummy and daddy by her side.”

Erin has had a series of medical problems since she was born and needed open heart surgery in December.

She has had to use a ventilator due to illnesses affecting her windpipe.


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