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CODEO calls for more dialogue on new voters register

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CODEO calls for more dialogue on new voters register


The Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO) says there is a strong need for a consensus on whether or not Ghana needs a new voters’ register for the 2020 general elections. 

Consequently, CODEO has urged the Electoral Commission (EC) to dialogue with the political parties to be able to reach a consensus on the issue.

It has therefore advised the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) and other political parties opposing the proposal by the EC to compile new biometric voters register to end the boycott and engage further.

Speaking in a radio interview with Accra based Starr FM on Tuesday [December 17, 2019]; monitored by Elsie’s Opinari the National Coordinator for CODEO, Mr Albert Kofi Arhin, said there was a need for consensus on whether a new register is needed.

“Whatever being the case, CODEO is saying that the EC is independent, the EC can decide to go solo by doing what it thinks is good for this country, but I will say that the EC should continue to dialogue with the parties because we need the inclusiveness of the parties.

“We need for them to take part; we need for them to be part of the dialogue so that amicably we can all arrive at a decision as to what kind of machinery we would want for the elections,” he added.

He said even though the NDC has boycotted it, CODEO would advise the EC to continue with the dialogue to find an amicable solution.

“So if there is going to be a registration, it should be with one voice that all the parties concerned should go for it,” he added.


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