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Boat operators at Yeji want fuel prices reduced.

Boat operators at Yeji want fuel prices reduced.


Boat Owners and Operators at Yeji, the Pru East District Capital of the Bono East Region are urging Government to subsidize the price of fuel for transport on the Volta Lake as the combination of reduced numbers of passengers and social distancing, occasioned by the ongoing fight against Covid19 is making them incur huge losses.

This came up when Radio Ghana interacted with the Boat Owners and Operators at Yeji.

Boats are a major form of transport for communities along the Volta lake in the Pru East District of the Bono East Region and like their counterparts in the road sector they are having to adapt their operations to suit the fight against Covid19.

The Boats in pursuit of social distancing have had to reduce passengers, a move which has coincided with a drastic drop in passengers as people are enjoined to stay at home if they have nothing crucial to do away from home.

Speaking to Radio Ghana on the banks of Lake Volta at Yeji, the Boat Owners and Operators said they are operating at a loss since the price of premix fuel has remained the same even as the number of passengers has reduced drastically.

Radio Ghana also observed that most of the passengers disembarking were without masks. When asked about it they had a variety of explanations.

When reached for comment the Pru East District Coordinating Director, Alhaji Bawa Musa Lanseini, said the Assembly has to press on with education on the wearing of face masks as some people are slow to adapt.

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