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Akufo-Addo reacts to IMANI scorecard: I’ve done 72% not 48%


President Akufo-Addo says his government deserves more than the 48.78 per cent performance rating giving by policy think tank IMANI Ghana.

According to him, the government rates its implementation of campaign promises since assuming power around 72 per cent.

“I disagree with the 48 assessment by IMANI. I think we deserve much higher. We are looking at 72. We have a fundamental disagreement with that rating.  Our figure is the one we are working with and it’s the right one,” he said.

The president said this on Friday in Accra during his media encounter, at the Jubilee House to account for his stewardship after three years in office.

The encounter was the third since his assumption of power as the fifth President of the Fourth Republic.

IMANI Africa has scored the Akufo-Addo government 48.78 per cent in the delivery of its campaign promises so far.

They also scored the government 54.35 per cent for its handling of the economy. The manifesto assessments by IMANI which was outdoored Wednesday said: “Government has only implemented 41 out of the 162 promises it made in the party’s 2016 manifesto.”

The 2019 IMANI MANIFESTO rates the performance of the NPP government and assesses how major policy initiatives involved the citizenry along in pursuit of their own economic advancement.

“Collecting data from the 2016 NPP manifesto, all main and supplementary budgets by the government to date, annual progress reports, auditor general’s reports, reports of statutory bodies such as the public interest and accountability committee, parliamentary Hansards, websites of various Ministries, Departments and Agencies MDAs, newspapers and news portals, the results show that the government has achieved an overall performance on executing its manifesto commitment of 48.78 per cent. This is satisfactory progress, according to the IMANI MANIFESTO ASSESSMENT (IMMA) Framework, although it sits in the lower bounds of this interpretation. Disaggregating this performance, the NPP government scores, 54.35 per cent in the delivery of its commitments on the economy, 46.21 per cent on governance and 46.44 per cent on infrastructure.

“The government scores 39.13 per cent and 43.78 per cent on human capital development and social services respectively. Clearly, the aggressive strategy of the government in driving the agriculture industry is seen in its commitment to ensuring that it pushes through most of its promises to “resuscitate” the sector, with positive results registered in some value chains. It is also a progressive sign to see that, performances in the economy, education and infrastructure, are all pushing the median mark of execution. Health and information technology require significant attention. With the final budget of the government having been presented, a window of opportunity exists for further considerations to ensure these themes also see some marked improvements,” IMANI’s executive summary said.

The President among other sectors spoke about the performance of his government in areas of the economy, governance, health, education, security and what he is doing to turn around the fortunes of the country.

The meeting also afforded journalists the opportunity to ask the President significant questions he hadn’t sufficiently addressed at various forums.


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