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A second chance at life for Ray

A second chance at life for Ray


Life they say is precious. And while money cannot literally buy life, it has the power to extend our mortality in some situations and this friend, is one of such situations.

Mr Emmanuel Aparaku aka Ray Styles of penciledcelebrities has given you inspiration on a bad day, a smile on a gloomy day, or even laughter on a rainy day through his gift of art.

Friends, it’s now our turn to put a smile on Ray’s face, a laugher in his mouth and beam of hope in his heart.

Ray is battling liver disease and needs emergency surgery to survive.

Friend don’t look the other way. Let’s get Ray back to sharing his gift with the world through raising these funds for his surgery.

No amount is insignificant…
Let’s do this…

Hello everyone, there’s a reason why we haven’t been active on our page. The life of the talent behind most of our artwork is now in a desperate state, with his health failing him by the day.

Time is running out on the next opportunity to see a great work of art from this young man we simply cannot turn our backs to, especially for those of us that know him.

Please DONATE TO SAVE Ray Styles. For our, #Ghana connect, kindly send MoMo to (+233)0244 706 308.


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